One woman died and 2 others were injured when 1 car caught fire on the Sinni-Kumlong road

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January 25-2023

Shan State According to local charities, 1 woman died and 2 others were injured when a car caught fire on the Sinnyi-Konlong Union Road.

That car was last night, January 24th. Shan State Lashio District Sinni Township, Nam Salak Village Chinni: A member of a local charity said that a fire broke out near milepost No. 16/7 of Kulong Union Road.

“Because we received the news last night, we went to rescue operations and finished at 9:10 p.m.” 2 men on the burning vehicle. 1 woman came, 2 men were injured, 1 woman died, and the injured were taken to Sinni Township Public Hospital,” he continued.

It is known that the 2 people who were injured in the car fire are not serious, and the details of the cause of the fire are being investigated by the relevant authorities.

Shan State According to news reports, no less than 23 accidents occurred on Sinni-Konlong Union Road in 2022, (1) year, and 33 people died.

Now in 2023, that Shan State It is said to be the first time that a car caught fire on Sinni-Konlong Union Road, killing 1 person and injuring 2 others.

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