Muse Palace Gate, the entry and exit gate of the China-Myanmar border, has reopened

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January 25 2023
Shy V (VOM)

According to locals, the Muse Palace Gate, which is the entry and exit gate of the China-Myanmar border, was opened early this morning on January 25th.

“I was notified last night. I started sending emails overnight. It will open tomorrow. Regarding the opening of the entrance and exit gates of the palace, people entering and exiting the palace How to exit There is no specific statement on how the books will be released, but the office, When I leave the office, I will follow the usual schedule,” said a person close to the border officials of the two countries.

A stone merchant said, “The palace gate has opened. Books have already been made. At the gate of the palace. It just opened this morning,” he said.

It is reported that the current Border Pass (Boarder Pass) red book is issued only to those who live with Muse households.

“It opened and opened. I still don’t know how people will come and go.” said a border resident.

At present, the cost of making a book is 1000 yuan, There are reports that it will cost more than 400,000 Myanmar kyat, but the books are still being made, so the exact cost is not yet known, said a man who came to book the border crossing permit.

In addition, an employee on duty at Sinhyupao said that those who have obtained a border crossing permit book and are coming in with a small car have been allowed to enter and exit Sinhyupao starting today, January 25.

As of midday today, there is no entry or exit from the palace gate and the Sinphiu gate, said the staff on duty at those gates.

Main people will be allowed to enter and exit from the Muse Palace-Yegong Gate, and small vehicles will be allowed to enter and exit from the Sin Phu-Yegong Gate. Man Wen-Yegong Gate will only allow 6-wheeled vehicles to enter and exit.

The Muse Palace Gate and the White Elephant Gate were closed for two rounds during the Covid-19 period except when the border governments of the two countries diverted people, but they reopened today on January 25.

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