MRTV-4 and Myawati reporter, a man was shot dead at the pool table

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January 25-2023

Every Sunday Yehyu Township, A man who was a reporter for MRTV-4 TV and Myawati newspaper was shot dead in Kaly Aung Township, according to people close to him.

Yehyu Township, According to a close journalist, Lin Lin Tun, a former MRTV-4 TV and Myawati newspaper reporter living in Ward No. 3, Ka Laing Aung City, was shot dead by people on 2 motorcycles while he was at the pool table near the Zinba Road Construction Office yesterday, January 24th at 3:00 p.m.

“Before, I worked at MRTV-4 and now I know that I am writing for Myawati newspaper. A group of 4 who came on a motorcycle shot him repeatedly with a gun. I was shot at the pool table, and I only died once. After seeing the dead, the shooters went back. It is not known who and which group. The army came to check,” he said.

According to local residents, the body of the deceased was brought in by an ambulance, and soldiers and police officers came to inspect the scene of the shooting in 1 military vehicle.

“We saw that the body was carried away by an ambulance that came with a military vehicle. I also went to check the houses. I asked him if he knew where the gunmen were driving and if he saw them. He is now working as a Myawati reporter. I think he was killed because he was writing in the Myawati newspaper. The shooters shot about 7 times with a gun,” said a local witness.

According to local residents and journalists, this is the first time that a journalist has been shot dead in Reyphyu Township.

In 2022, Sagaing Division It is reported that two journalists and their husbands were shot dead in Kale City.

In addition, in 2021, when the process of political change began, Yangon region According to news reports, 2 journalists were killed in Hlaing Thayar.

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