City Taxi sticker symbols in Yangon Region will change according to township

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January 25 – 2023

According to the Region’s Private Transportation Supervision Committee (YRTC), the City Taxi registered vehicles in Yangon region are planning to change the sticker symbols according to the township.

As a committee, based on the 4 districts in Yangon Region, City Taxi numbers are set and equipped with symbols such as E, W, S, and N.

On February 1, the 45 townships representing the 14 districts that are currently being modified will be designated as YGN-1/0001, YGN-2/0002, YGN-3/0003, and YGN-4/0004.

“Work will be busy, If you have to change it, time will run out. As for the drawing of regional licenses in Yangon, they are not strictly enforced. I’m doing things that aren’t really important. It’s nothing for the beekeepers, but for our drivers who rent cars and drive, if the car is not towed for a day, the price of the house will be affected. I want to change, But I just want it done quickly without wasting time. If you finish in the morning, you can earn money in the afternoon,” said a taxi driver.

The change in the side sticker symbols of City Taxi vehicles is so that City Taxis can operate in a disciplined and orderly manner. To be a City Taxi in accordance with the characteristics of the city and local, YRTC informed that it is intended to provide safe and secure service for foreign tourists.

In addition, the YRTC has also announced that they will renew expired City Taxis with exemption from fines. 600 Kyats for driver’s card 3,500 kyats for card insertion stands and 1,400 kyats for City Taxi number stickers, a total of 8,500 kyats will be collected.

YRTC currently imposes an overdue fine of 5,000 kyats for cars that are less than 1 year old. 8,000 kyats for 1 year and 15,000 kyats for cars older than 1 year.

“The amount they waived is not surprising. Rather than saving money, we just want to complete the renewal as quickly as possible. City Taxi is even worse than getting a license. long time I’m busy. Now they are moving one after another just because they want money. 8000 for a taxi, It is not less for them,” said a vehicle owner.

Among the taxis currently operating in Yangon, City Taxi is registered and there are vehicles that have expired. It is reported that the extension service is being provided at the Yangon City Taxi Association office in Panglong Road.

According to 2022 statistics, there are more than 65,000 City Taxi registered taxis in Yangon Region.

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