Resistance Group Burns Myanmar Junta Offices on Thai Border

Source: : 2023-01-24 13:10:16 :


Flame lights up the sky in Payathonzu on Monday night after resistance fighters burned junta offices. 

By Hein Htoo Zan 24 January 2023

A Karen State resistance group says it burned down three government offices at Payathonzu on the Thai border on Monday.

The Payathonzu Guerrilla Force (PGF) said it attacked the general administration department and municipal offices in the border town.

“The regime’s staff know no one can protect anyone working for the military council. We urge all staff to join the civil disobedience movement,” said a PGF spokesman.

The PGF also warned junta informants to stop spying on revolutionary movements.

Residents reported hearing gunshots. The PGF said it fired during its coordinated raids but there were no casualties.

The PGF said it retreated before junta troops arrived.

After the raid, the anti-regime Lion Battalion Commando and its allies ambushed junta reinforcements from Light Infantry Division 44 heading from Kyainseikgyi to Payathonzu.

At least three junta troops were killed and five injured, according to the Lion Battalion.

The fighting persisted until Tuesday afternoon.

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