A drone bombarded a soldier and a reinforcement column in Resa Tulu Township. 8 soldiers died in Myain

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A drone bombarded a soldier and a reinforcement column in Resa Tulu Township. 8 soldiers died in Myain

Yangon, January 24

Every time I bend, According to the People’s Defense Forces of Resa Sulu Township, a drone attack was carried out by a drone on a convoy of soldiers who were hiding in Resa Sulu Township.

Today, January 24, at about 2:00 p.m. They attacked about 12 terrorist soldiers who were hiding in the forest on the south side of Kanmyu village by dropping 2 Enaga bombs. At around 3:00 p.m., the military dogs that came to help were attacked by a drone.

Because of the attack, the terrorist soldier may have been killed and the exact number is not yet known. Terrorist soldiers armed Although they opened fire with small arms, the People’s Defense Forces were able to retreat unharmed.

Similarly, every Magwe Myain Township An official from the People’s Defense Forces told the Yangon Modern News Agency that 8 terrorist soldiers were killed in a round-robin attack on the terrorist soldiers guarding the Kaito Ma Reiseka.

On January 19, at around 1:00 p.m., the 13-strong People’s Defense Forces, who were guarding the water mill supplying water to No. 2 Industry near Myain City, where the terrorist army manufactures weapons, was seriously injured and died while being transported to the Myain Township Public Hospital.

“8 dogs died; When it happened, no one came close to the village, so they never received any news. What I learned now is that 6 people died in Myain Hospital on the 21st. Yesterday (January 23rd) we received specific news that 2 more people died. Since the 20th, the war dogs have been moving around Kaingotama village. I would like to appeal to the parents and the public to help us fight back,” said an official from the People’s Defense Forces to Yangon Modern News.

In the battle that day, the terrorist soldiers inside Kaingotama police station. A woman was killed by a 40-mm weapon. Now, about 100 more forces have been added to the Kaitoma police station, and local residents are being arrested, tortured and interrogated.

The attack was carried out by the People’s Liberation Army, MUGDF forces; Major Thunder (GOBA) Corps, Sarekkan PDF Force, PPDF force Spring Brotherhood, Young Force Battalion Battalion 703 Black Leopard Division 3 Zamani Army storm force KMDF It is reported that Bo Kan’s alliances fought together.

Photo: Ensign of a military council battalion.

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