Attacked by terrorist soldiers in Myoung and Mon village; (5) soldiers died; (15) injured

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Yangon, December 10

Sagaing Division Myong Township, The Myaung Union Army (People’s Army – Myaung) told the Yangon New Age news agency that although the terrorist soldiers were injured and killed in the pursuit and attack of the terrorist military council soldiers who burned down Shwe Bomtha village, the Myaung Union Army (People’s Army – Myaung) told Yangon New Times.

The 1st Myoung Division of Sagaing District Battalion, 3rd Division of the Sagaing District Battalion, returned to the terrorist military council soldiers who had left the Gawkrit Camp on December 6th and burned down more than 15 houses in Gawkrit Village. Sagaing District Battalion 2 Myoung Division 3 11 BRF Local defense forces, including CDSOM, cooperated and attacked.

“They shot from behind the column coming out of Shwe Bom Son Village, mining, It was a confrontation with the allies who took your place and attacked, of course. Although there are deaths, it is not known exactly. The stones returned to the gravel, From there, they went back to the Myaung Station,” an official from the Myaung Union Army (People’s Army – Myaung) told the Yangon Modern Department.

The terrorist soldiers who arrived at the base camp in Myoung town increased their strength and left today on December 10th, and the local defense forces are also fiercely resisting the attack.

“Those war dogs are now coming out of the forest. “I can hear the sounds of mines being pulled by the allies,” said an official from the Myaung Union Army (People’s Army).

Similarly, Myoung Township, On December 8, the terrorist military council stationed in Tamaseykan village was also attacked with 40 mm (2) guns, and there was a mutual firefight.

Terrorist soldiers who came out from Namkha to Butalin Township were attacked with mines. (5) soldiers killed and (15) injured

Sagaing Division Monywa Township, According to Chindwin Brothers, on the morning of December 9, 5 soldiers were killed and 15 were injured when a mine attack was carried out on the soldiers of the Terrorist Military Council who were leaving for Butlin from the Northwestern Regional Military Headquarters (NAM) in Alon.

Yesterday, December 9th, around 8:30 in the morning, Chindwin Broters left for Butalin City with a force of 65 people. Anonymous Heroes Cho Mai Mai Bo Tite Maung Tapin Shwe Hội (long-haired) joint force attacked with 12 (12) rockets.

“Peanut, I had to hide in the cornfields and draw mines. Even though the people in the vicinity reported that the mines had arrived, they were able to detonate them. (5) soldiers died; About 15 people were injured,” Chindwin Broters PDF said.
After the mine attack, a helicopter from Namakh dropped 3 packages to the injured terrorist soldiers. The wounded terrorist soldiers were carried on stretchers to a nearby village, where they were killing and eating the chickens and pigs in the village.

Photo: Myaung Union Army troops

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