8 soldiers were killed and weapons were seized in a battle in Bodgyo and Taninthari townships. 3 soldiers killed in mine attack on convoy in Myoung

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Yangon, December 4

Every Sunday Bor Kyung Township, Three soldiers were killed in an attack by KNLA joint forces on the border camp of the terrorist army in Yadanapap area, according to PDF Kawthaung District No. (1) Battalion.

On December 3, at 11:20 p.m., KNLA and PDF forces raided the terrorist army camp, killing 3 and injuring 8 from the terrorist army side.

As the local defense forces were retreating after the battle, the terrorist army battalions based in Myeik/Kawthaung District, through Leyanya Battalion, along Leyanya Yadanapap road, On December 4th, reinforcements came in with foot columns and at around 7:30 am on the morning of December 4th, various road patrol groups of the local defense cooperation group, who were waiting for you along the road, opened fire and attacked with mines.

The attack was carried out by KNLA (203) People’s Defense Army Kawthaung District No. (1) Battalion Myeik District No. (2) Battalion and Flying Star Force (BPA PAKAF) attacked together. During the battle, 1 RPG from the terrorist army. 1 MA 1 hand and accessories were seized.

Similarly, in the exchange of fire between members of the terrorist military council and revolutionary soldiers that took place on December 2 near the cemetery of Rehyu Village, Tanintharyi Township, 5 people from the military council were killed and 18 others were in an emergency situation, KNLA – Tcsjf told Yangon New Age.

“The death is 5 people. 18 are in emergency condition. There is no condition to live anymore,” a KNLA-Tcsjf official told Yangon New Age.

In the battle, the KNLA-Tcsjf forces attacked the military convoy of more than 100 forces of the Terrorist War Council, and the revolutionary comrades were able to retreat without any harm.

In addition, Sagaing According to the MBTT group, three soldiers were killed in a land mine attack by the local defense forces, who were leaving the Myoung Township Gawkri Police Station.

On December 2nd at 7:30 p.m., the military council soldiers who were leaving the Kyaukrik police station were attacked with a landmine by the Myoung Bolgaktun special forces between Kyaukrik and Tharat, killing 3 soldiers.

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