In Khin Oo, the army shot 14-year-old police officer Min Naung with a gun and killed Ko Tun Tun Win by slitting his neck. 10 people, including 6 youth members of the fitness party, were taken hostage by the army

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Yangon, November 24

Sagaing Division Locals said that in Khin Oo Township, the army shot and killed 14-year-old Maung Le Minnaung and killed 27-year-old Tun Tun Win by slitting his neck.

On the afternoon of November 23rd, a convoy from the northern part of Khin Oo Township entered the Thandaw tent of Natgyong, Kantharya Village, and cut the neck of 27-year-old Ko Tun Tun Win. 14-year-old Maung Ye Minnaung was shot and killed with a gun. It is learned that 4 people from Kanthaya North village were taken hostage and spent the night in Ba Oh village.

In addition, the army took hostage 6 members of the Teng Khaing party, who were youths who fled the war from Ipaukgyi village in Khin Oo township. They said they were members of the Fitness Party, but they were beaten and arrested as human shields.

The 6 youth members of the Fitness Party from Ai Phagyi Village who were arrested by the army were Ko Aung Kyaw San, lover Ko Soe Khaing, Ko Win Tint Ko Po round, The name of another young man is still being investigated.

“The whole village is avoiding war. In Khin Oo Township, there are 5 villages that won the 2020 election. Among them is the village of Ipaokyi. The villages that can vote for rhinoceros are Ingyinpin village, Visiting the village of Ipogyi Village. War dogs are green, Red does not separate. caught everything. They killed everything,” a local said.

A PDF soldier from Khin Oo Township said that Ipaukgyi village was a village where the rhinoceros won the election, but at the moment, all the rhinoceros are resisting the army because their homes have been burned and they are fleeing the war.

“Before, I was only half as strong as the rhinoceros and the peacock. Now it is a PDF-dominated area as well as Pa-Fa-Pa-Fa can be formed,” said PDF comrade Khin Oo.

Photo: People fleeing the war from Khin Oo Township.

Photo: LGRF

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