Freelance journalist Mathuza was sentenced to 2 years in prison for hard labor

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November 22-2022

Yangon-based freelance journalist Mathuza was sentenced to 2 years of hard labor by the Insein Prison Court on November 22.

The order was issued more than a year after Matuza was arrested and a case was opened under Section 505-A.

“The order was made today. Yes, there is hard labor. As far as we know, Ma Thuza was arrested while working on the news.” It is also known that they will be allowed to enjoy the holidays,” said a journalist who is a friend of Ma Thuza.

Journalist Mathuza was arrested by the army on September 29, 2021. A case was opened under Section 505(a) of inciting state sedition from the city police station in New Dagon City.

Last November 17, there were reports that journalist Mathuza was involved in the nationwide amnesty, but today he was sentenced to prison.

Last September
The special court of Insein Prison sentenced the host of the BBC’s media action program Ray Kyi Ma Lin Lak Kyung Sin (b) to 3 years in prison with hard labor.

Currently, since February 1, 2021, there have been more than 100 journalists who have been arrested and detained. There are also journalists who are on the run because the case has been opened.

Also, between the two sides of the battle
There were three journalists who were killed in the interrogation.

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