At least 40 soldiers of the military council were killed in the battles of the third week of November in Phakant. There were continuous battles in Mya Oti and Rae

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Yangon, November 25

At least 40 military council soldiers were killed during the fighting in the third week of November in Phakant Township, Kachin State. Mya Oti District and Mon State It is reported that 11 people were killed on the side of the army in continuous fighting in Ye Township.

The fighting continued for 4 days in the area where the 27th Cobra Column of the Karen National Liberation Army KNLA was guarding, and more than 11 members of the Military Council were killed and three Cobra soldiers were killed, the Cobra Column reported.

The troops under the 44th Division of the Military Council and the Karen National Liberation Army (27th) Cobra Regiment. black leopard army Brigade Security Column Company (2); Federal Wings Drone Team; There was a four-day battle from November 21st to November 24th between the drones of the Red Division. On November 21st, near the village of Blatto, the military council troops retreated and fled. It was reported that they attacked with heavy weapons, but they hit a mine placed by the joint army.

In the morning of November 22nd, the Military Council troops fired heavy weapons and in the evening, they intercepted and attacked the food truck of the Cobra column, and intercepted the tank gate near Blatto village. A soldier on the ration truck of the Cobra column. A total of three policemen were killed and 8 surviving bullet-hit comrades were rescued by Cobra soldiers on the morning of November 23rd.

On November 22nd at 3:30 p.m., there was a fierce battle throughout the night, resulting in the death of 5 officers, including an officer from the military council, and 17 officers and other ranks were injured. The military launched multiple missiles, 120 mm heavy weapons were used to bombard the area, and Mi-35 helicopters attacked in the evening.

On November 23rd, the Cobra column stepped on landmines and 2 soldiers were killed and 2 wounded. On November 24, a series of rockets, (120) They are shooting with heavy weapons this evening. A clash between the army and joint forces that invaded Blackto village took place, and many soldiers were killed and injured, the Cobra Regiment announced.

2 soldiers were killed by a mine attack on a military vehicle from Khmer-586 Battalion in Ye City ========================================= ==

According to reports from local news sources, two soldiers were killed when a military vehicle carrying soldiers was detonated by a mine on the morning of November 24, near the 586th Battalion of Khamara, Kyungpaw Village, Ray Myeon District, Mon State.

On November 24, around 8:30 am, a military vehicle (RGF) was ambushed and fired upon by the RGF soldiers, killing 2 soldiers and wounding 1, according to local sources.

During the third week of November, Kachin State According to Kachin news sources, the military council troops are intensifying their military activities around Phakant, resulting in clashes that have resulted in the death of at least 40 members of the military council forces.

KIA and PDF joint forces under the 9th KIA Brigade casually intercepted and attacked the military action lines of the Military Council. drone attack; According to Kachin sources, at least 40 soldiers, including a lieutenant colonel, were killed due to continuous RPG fire.

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