Lt. Col. Myo Min Tun, who joined the CDM but did not go to Ozi, took refuge under the Military Council and defamed the NUG and PDF. CDM soldier Yang Than said that none of the police and civil servants were allowed to go to Australia

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Yangon, October 5

CDM Khmer 351 Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Myo Min Tun has taken refuge under the Military Council because he was not allowed to visit Australia, and his statements defaming the NUG and PDF are being broadcast through the Military Council media.

Lt. Col. Myo Min Tun, who joined the CDM in March 2022, said that funds were misused in the army. There is pressure on family and relatives. Therefore, he joined the CDM by connecting with CDM Captain Nyi Suta. He said that he asked the soldiers to enter the CDM after consulting with Captain Nyi Suta and conducting interviews on the People’s Goal Facebook and the media.

CDM Capt. Nyithuta said that he would have the opportunity to visit Australia and crossed over to Thailand. However, he was not allowed to go to Australia. Even if he is a computer graduate and a battalion commander, if he is not allowed to go to Australia, he will become a CDM soldier. He said none of the police and civil servants had arrived in Australia.

When he joined the CDM, the commander of the Khmer 351 Battalion, Lt. Major Myo Min Tun, was born and raised in Sagaing Division, his native land. On the day of the war council dropped a bomb on Di Yin, he did not even dare to return to his mother’s house, and the people hated him and called him a war dog After saying that he could no longer live in the life of being called the enemy, he decided to join the CDM, and was denied permission to go to Australia and took refuge under the military council.

According to Yangon New Age’s studies, CDM civil servants arriving in Australia. general staff school teacher It is found that there are more than ten military officers and they are still being recruited to the Australian side.

“Some of them failed in the interview. Not everyone gets to go to Ozzy. The interviews he needed. I had to pass medical tests. They have to go to Aung. Some are Fri. Those who are allowed to go are going all the way. CDM civil servants, As for the military officers, they are not revealing their names for security reasons. But there is one thing, those people did not join CDM because they wanted to go to Australia. Major Myo Min Tun now revealed in his interview that he joined the CDM because he wanted to go to Australia. Ozzy was not allowed to go, so he ran back. There doesn’t seem to be any conviction. They joined the CDM because they didn’t like the military dictatorship, so they joined the revolution. Not to go to Ozzy. Since then, he has grown up,” said Thailand. A person helping CDM and war refugees in Mae Sot said.

Photo: Lt. Col. Myo Min Tun, who entered the CDM.

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