The PDF intercepted the car carrying the EPC manager and 3 members of the military council who were going to deposit the electricity bills in the bank in Sengkai. The police chief was killed.

Source: : 2022-10-03 13:19:37 :

Yangon, October 3

Mandalay Division Sankai Township, An official from the Myitukka PDF said that three PDF allies attacked a car carrying an EPC manager and three military personnel on the Mandalay-Kyukse Road to deposit electricity bills in the bank.

October 3 at 2:50 p.m. Mandalay-Kyukse Road, The EPC manager who went to pay the electricity bills to the bank from the Pulau EPC office near the Pagoda. They intercepted and attacked a car carrying 3 soldiers. As a result of the attack, a police officer was killed.

In the attack, they had to retreat quickly and were unable to save the electricity bills and weapons. The Pulau EPC office threatened to remove the meter boxes if the public did not bring a meter, and forcibly collected the small amount. It is an attack to prevent people’s money from being spent on war.

“Due to our attack, the car carrying the police dogs was also damaged. The camp commander is dead. It is reported that a police dog was injured in one hand and the EPC manager was also worried.
As for the deceased, there was only 1 camp commander who was on the spot. Today is the 5th anniversary of the death of our MN PDF’s co-leader, Major Soong Thang, and 4 of his comrades,” an official from the Myit Ukana PDF told Yangon New Age News.

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