Long, Pulo, pearl swallow Long Yin Pier, Molly, 27 soldiers were killed in fighting and shooting in Mon villages

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Yangon, September 30

Long, Pulo, pearl swallow Long Yin Pier, Molly, According to local defense forces, 27 soldiers were killed in fighting and shooting in Mon village.

Every Sunday On September 29, at around 12:30 noon, 5 members of the Military Council Pyu Sawhti were intercepted and fired upon by Long Lon (LLPDF) soldiers, killing 2 Pyu Sawhti.

Sagaing Division At about 11:00 p.m. on September 28th in Pulay Township, the Military Council troops stationed at the Pulay Township General Office were attacked with small arms and automatic guns and 2 soldiers were killed. 4 were injured. The attack was carried out by the Southern YSO PDF and the 4th Pearl Battalion (10), a joint alliance. Downey Group It is reported that the Pearl Alliance combined forces attacked together.

Karen State On September 29th, between Tagay Village and Choi Khu Camp in Kyin Pyaygyi Township, at around 8:30 AM, the Red Dragon Regiment and KNLA joint forces opened fire on more than 100 KM 358 and KM 556 under 13 units of the Terrorist Military Council trying to clear the area.

People’s Defense Army The 1st Battalion of Myeik District and the allied forces attacked a convoy of 2 military council cars coming from the direction of Thare Chaung between the village of Pulao Township and the village of Nang Pa Phu as part of the “Nang Thia Aung military operation” at around 12:25 PM on September 30th.

Sagaing Division, Maloy Township, Maloy Township, near the village of Maloy People’s Defense Forces and the military, where the battle took place today, 3 flowers from the military side, 1 captain, 8 soldiers, including 1 major, were killed. The 8 dead soldiers are 364. 365 It was from the 366th battalion, an official of MaloyPDF told the Yangon New Age news agency.

8 weapons were seized, MA3 (1) MA2(2) hands; Carbine (2) hands; Mechanical hand (1), One corner punch (2) Bomb fruit (3) MA3 ammunition boxes (17); was seized; The leader of Pu Saw Hội from Maw Lai was also seriously injured. Mawlai city At the People’s Hospital this afternoon, there were many injured, including one soldier who was lying on a stretcher.

The Chindwin Attack Force of the local defense force announced today that eight soldiers were killed in an attack on military council troops stationed inside Monywa Economic University and Commercial Bank in Monywa, Sagaing Division.

On September 29th, at 7:00 p.m., two military council soldiers were killed when the local defense team attacked military council soldiers and policemen stationed at Monywa business takthol in Monywa city with 40 mm. It is learned that 6 people were killed when the Chindwin Attack Force and its partners attacked the commercial bank on General Road while the military council soldiers were attacking.

The attack was led by the Monywa District People’s Defense Army (Chindwin Attack Force) Battalion (2), Monywa District People’s Defense Army (Chindwin Attack Force) Battalion (2) and Company (4) Fight For People, led by Major Puchong, Major Byatwi, and Black Rose.

September On the 30th, at about 12:30 in the afternoon, Pulao Township, Tanintharyi Division, Myeik District, The Palaw K-PDF battalion led a mine attack on a military vehicle carrying about 20 soldiers and members of the Military Council Army and Pyu Saw Hội under the Military Council near the village of Pạu Nạm. The Karen People’s Defense Force (Pulao) reported that in the attack, Kamo, the leader of Pyu Sawhti village, was killed and 7 members of the military council were seriously injured.

Mon State Kyukda Township, At 12:52 p.m. this afternoon, the Kyi Dao People’s Defense Co-operative Group attacked the Muppalin intersection checkpoint with a large weapon. They went to shoot with small arms.
Kyaikhto Information Team reported that 3 terrorist soldiers who were waiting at the gate were killed by the firing of the Kyaikhto People’s Defense Joint Team, and the dead were loaded into 3 emergency vehicles.

Photo: People’s Defense Army PDF.

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