Hmong village 2 policemen, including policeman Than Hlaing, were shot and killed in Nyaung Phyupin village. The entire village was blocked; 2 people died

Source: : 2022-09-12 04:06:51 :

Yangon, September 12

Sagaing Division Monywa Township, Two policemen were shot dead in Nyaung Phyupin village, and the entire village has been cordoned off by the army, local residents told the Yangon New Age news agency.

On September 12th, at 7:30 am, PDF troops shot at 2 policemen, including policeman Than Hlaing, who were shopping on the Monywa-Yangya highway. 2 policemen were killed and weapons were recovered. In addition, 2 people were killed by landmines while running while the situation was complicated.

“Two police officers, including police officer Than Hlaing, were shot dead in Monywa’s Nyang Phyu Pin village. Importing from PDF. The two policemen were shopping and died when a PDF was thrown into them. 2 people were also killed by landmines,” said a local resident.

At present, the army and the police are conducting a search and inspection of Nyaung Hyupin village and the entire surrounding area, according to the locals.

Photo: 2 police officers under the War on Terror Council. (old picture)

Photo: Agency.

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