Arakan Army Seizes Another Myanmar Junta Outpost

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Firearms and ammunition seized by the Arakan Army in a raid on a military outpost in Maungdaw Township on Saturday. / Arakan Army

By The Irrawaddy 12 September 2022

The Arakan Army (AA) seized another Myanmar junta outpost in Maungdaw Township in northern Rakhine State on Saturday.

Nineteen junta police officers were killed when a police outpost near the Bangladesh border in the township was occupied by the AA on August 31.

On Saturday morning, AA troops seized an Infantry Battalion 352 hilltop outpost about 3km away from Jade Chaung village in the township, an AA statement said on Sunday.

The AA said there was an hour of fighting and many regime soldiers were killed while others were captured.

It submitted photos of seized weapons and ammunition.

Western News reported that 13 regime soldiers were killed and four were captured.

A video shows four detainees being told not to be afraid and that they would not be harmed.

Following the raid, junta fighter jets and helicopters conducted airstrikes for several hours and on Sunday, the AA said.

There has been heavy fighting in the area since the seizure of the police outpost last month with aerial bombardments and deploying large numbers of reinforcements, the AA said.

The junta is reportedly losing men and territory amid regular raids from resistance groups and ethnic armed organizations across the country.

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