15 people were killed when a military council troop was hit by a mine when they were on foot in Mye Mu. In Shwe Bo, 3 military vehicles were attacked by mines

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Yangon, September 12

Sagaing Division It was learned from PDF that 15 soldiers from the Military Council side were killed when an allied PDF unit attacked a line of foot soldiers entering Myengmu Township with a mine today.

A terrorist military council column with more than 30 forces, Allakappa Village, It is reported that there was a land mine attack between Gwe Ping Taw and Ray Po Sak village, and at least 15 soldiers were crushed to death.

“The attack was carried out with 6 open mines on one side. About 15 military dogs are still in trouble. There may be many injured. Their strength is more than 30. Just because they don’t share weapons If only the weapons were the same, all those war dogs would have been killed there,” an official from the Myengmu Black Eagle defense force – MMU said to the Yangon New Age news agency.

The allied PDF public defense groups said that there was no harm in the attack using the area’s expertise. In the alliance, the Black Eagle defense force – MMU team led by the 6th Battalion, 2nd Division of Sagaing District. People’s Defense Force Myinmu – MMU PDF Myinmu Civil Revolution Force – CRF Myinmu , Myinmu Lightning Guerrilla Force and Myoung Township Public Defense and Security Organization – CDSOM are working together.

In addition, in Sagaing Division, on September 9, the military convoy driving from Kyauk Surrey to Shwebo waited in advance in the west of Pyon Po village and fired at them with small arms. They said that they attacked with 13 mines. 3 military vehicles were wounded and continued to drive towards Shwe Bo without having time to return fire. Reinforcements for the army had arrived and retreated. The Burma Rangers (ShweBo) and the allied forces jointly attacked the battle, according to a release by Burma Rangers (ShweBo) – Information and Information Officer.

Photo: Military training of People’s Defense Forces from Sagaing Division. (old picture)

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