The 66th Division, which is on patrol in Karenni, Three soldiers from the 11th Army came to the KA with weapons and ammunition

Source: : 2022-09-11 03:29:14 :

Yangon, September 11

It has been reported that 3 soldiers from the 11th Khlara Battalion under the 66th Division of the terrorist army, which is patrolling in Karenni State, came to the Karenni Army KA with weapons and ammunition.

Irrawaddy Division Pathein Township 3 soldiers from the 11th Khlar Battalion based in Wah Yah Chuang Village, 3 MA3 guns they were holding. around 1,000 bullets; It came to light at KA on September 9, along with 3 grenades.

One of the 3 soldiers was forcibly recruited by the terrorist army. Underage child soldiers are being sent to the front lines. Kantravati Times reported that CDM did not like the actions of the military dictator.

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