PDF troops rescued 5 political prisoners from Pakokku prison

Source: yktnews.com : 2022-09-11 08:00:14 :

Yangon, September 11

According to the Young Force (UG), five political prisoners who escaped from a prison in Pakokku District, Magway Division were rescued by the local defense forces.

Those who escaped from Pakokku district prison included 2 revolutionary soldiers and 3 people who had been unjustly arrested for political crimes. They were rescued on September 10 and brought to safety.

The 5 political prisoners escaped through their plan, Pakukku Township People’s Defense Force (PDF) along with local LPDFs, Pakukku Township People’s Defense Force PPDF, Young Force (UG) Pakokku Urban Guerrilla Force (2), Pakokku Ranger The RSO(PKU) team and the relevant local teams were involved in the evacuation.

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