Muse 105 miles, 23 agents were arrested

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September 11 2022
Shy V (VOM)

According to the trade community, 23 agents from the Muse 105-mile trade zone were arrested and detained by 1 strategist for paying taxes.

“Yes, I was called for a meeting yesterday.” 1 border trader said.

As traders, in addition to official government taxes, the government collects illegal taxes. The border traders said that they had to pay KIA, TNLA, SSPP/SSA half at a time in addition to paying every group that collects on the street.

As vehicle owners, they have to pay official tax to the government for the vehicle, as well as paying annual fees to groups such as KIA, TNLA, SSPP/SSA, and it is reported that the costs are increasing due to the groups.

“If we don’t pay taxes, we are not responsible for the safety of these cars. I was arrested for paying taxes.” 1 import trader said.

Currently, it is reported that the illegal tolls paid on the northern lane are around 30,000,000 per car from Jin San Neng to Mandalay.

In addition, there are still costs to companies controlled by the border of the two countries, said 1 Burmese trader living on the Chinese side.

The high cost of the trade route means that not only the traders but also the people are mainly affected by the high price of goods, border businessmen said.

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