Most of the petrol shops in Irrawaddy are open, but there is no fuel to buy

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September 11-2022
Min Myat (VOM)

Most of the gas stations that were closed in Irrawaddy were reopened in the first week of September, but there is a shortage of fuel that cannot be purchased, according to local residents.

“I see gas stations are reopening,
When I went to fill the oil, it was running out of oil. I had to go to 4 shops to get 2000 worth of oil. There are a few roadside gas stations, where prices are above 3,000 per liter. There is a feeling that only comics are open, The children had to go to school before school to buy oil, and because it was raining, I had to wait at the school guard’s house,” said a local from the Irrawaddy region.
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Regarding the recent issue regarding motor oil in Irrawaddy, a motor oil sales and purchase entrepreneur said, “We ourselves are not getting as much motor oil as we needed before. There is a frequent shortage of oil because the quota is not equal to the demand. It is clear that most of the gas stations are open without oil, and all the gas stations in the Erawati have been inspected and warned to ensure that all gas stations are always open, so that there is no shortage of oil, and not to oversell. We sell as much oil as we have, and we also open when there is no more oil,” he said.

The reference price of motor oil set for today, September 11, by the motor fuel import, storage and distribution supervisory committee is 2257 kyats per 92 liters. Although 95 liter is set at 2358 kyats, 92 is 3200 per liter on the ground and 95 liter is 3450 per liter.

“Until the 8th, I was able to buy it. After that, all the shops ran out of fuel.” We don’t know when we will be able to return, and now we are in a situation where we cannot buy even if we have money due to the lack of fuel on the road. No more oil at all, The roadside shops are paying 3,200 for less than 1 liter. I have to ask for less, Like before, I can’t buy and add the store I want to add. “I’m making deliveries on a motorcycle. I can’t buy oil at this price, so I’m going to die of hunger,” said a delivery worker from Irrawaddy.

Due to fuel oil, rice farming industry, ship industry, Motorcycle carry business Motor vehicle business Other small businesses and charities are also said to be having difficulties.

“We used to buy motor oil by the foot. Now we can’t even buy 1 or 2 gallons, so it’s difficult to plant in agriculture. In addition to the problem of not being able to buy oil, our farmers are suffering a lot,” said a local farmer from Irrawaddy.

A carrier operator from Irrawaddy said, “Oil can only be purchased at some petrol stations, and some shops are starting to run out of fuel. As for me, the shop I used to buy from, which is the cheapest in our town and I have never missed it, was running out of fuel, and the price was going up in other shops, so I stopped carrying a carry-on yesterday. If the business is stopped for a long time, it will definitely be difficult for the family to eat,” he said.

In Irrawaddy, fuel prices have gone up, fuel shortages, and basic food prices, medicines, electrical equipment According to the locals, the price of consumer goods has risen to more than twice as much as before.

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