Loikaw-Mowchi Road will be open only 3 days a week, Karenni State Government issues 7 rules

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Yangon, September 11

Karenni State The main road connecting Loi Kao and Mo Chi is opened every Monday. Tuesday The road will be opened only on Wednesday, the 3rd, and the people must follow 7 rules. The Ministry of the Interior officially released.

On September 8, the government of Karenni Ministry of Interior The Governor of De Moso Township and the 9th and 10th Battalions of the Karenni National Defense Force KNDF held a meeting and issued 7 rules and regulations to be carried out by the 3 gates responsible for the security of the main road.

The road will be opened only 3 days a week. Conduct pre-emptive inspections and impound vehicles carrying restricted goods. He said that cars carrying cement will only be allowed to pass if they have a certificate from No. (2) district.

In addition to this, to conduct casual examinations 2 times a month. To not allow foreign (foreign) passengers to pass through or carry at all. Not to allow the carrying of iron bars and green goods vendors traveling by motorcycle. It is learned that the government of Karenni State has assigned the duty of KNDF gate stations to prevent tourists from traveling.

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