After repeated objections, the Minister of Interior of Bangladesh warned the Myanmar Military Council not to fire any more bullets into the territory of Bangladesh.

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Yangon, September 11

Bangladesh Interior Minister Asaduzzaman Khan warned the Burmese military council not to send bullets or fire into Bangladesh’s territory from the Myanmar side.

“Some bullets crossed the Burmese border and came into our territory. He objected to this matter. The Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have also objected. We hope that Myanmar will be able to avoid such incidents from happening again,” the Bangladeshi interior minister told reporters in Shahbagh, the capital, on September 10.

On September 8, fighting broke out on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, and bullets, A series of heavy artillery shells fell. People living on the border are afraid. Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Myanmar ambassador to Dhaka three times and protested.

After the AA seized the Burmese Military Council’s border guard posts, the Burmese Terrorist Military Council’s planes, He said that the helicopters were continuously firing. At least two missiles fired by the Air Force Council fell into Bangladesh. It is learned that the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry summoned U Aung Kyaw Moe, Myanmar’s ambassador to Bangladesh, for the third time on September 4.

“Terrorism is happening in Myanmar. We have blocked the border. Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said that no one will be allowed to enter Bangladesh through the border where there will be aggression from the Myanmar side.

The Bangladeshi army has also increased its security readiness and is working to prevent the Myanmar side from intruding into the territory of Bangladesh.

Photo: Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan seen at an event.

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