A policeman from Nyangdong Police Station died after a drunken return from Ko Phyo KTV. The deceased was the son-in-law of Aung Mya Than, a former MP from Nyaungton

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Yangon, September 11

every giant valley Policeman Ko Phyo, the son-in-law of the former People’s Representative of the Rhinoceros Party from Nyongtoon Township, Ko Phyo, died on the spot after returning from a KTV in the early morning of September 10th.

Policeman Ko Phyo has recently joined the police force and is from Nyangdong Police Station. On the night of September 9th, he was drunk at a KTV run by the military and some businessmen.

“A police dog in Nyongtoon Township, Erawati Province, died in a car accident without running out of ammunition. At the intersection of Kazan Street. The KTV opened by Sarraf is drunk. I don’t know when I was fighting and dying. The body was found at 4 o’clock in the morning on September 10. 2011-2015 Rhino Phut MP U Aung Mya Than son-in-law. His name is Ko Phyo. A simple policeman. After the coup, he joined the police,” said a resident.

A member of the Mettashin Charity Association, which transported the body, said that on the morning of September 10, the deceased was the son-in-law of U Aung Mya Than, a member of the police force. but it is not known, He asked for help and sent the body to Nyangdong Hospital. He said he did not know about other issues.

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