Shwe Bo, At least 3 people were killed in Wet Lat and Chaung U, when a house car and a military vehicle carrying soldiers were attacked with mines.

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Yangon, September 10

According to the defense forces, on September 9, the defense forces opened fire on 2 cars carrying military council troops leaving from Khmer 12, Kyauksuri township, Shwebo township, Sagaing province.

At around 9:00 a.m., Shwebo District Battalion 5 Company 1 and the Black Wolf-PDF group attacked 2 terrorist military vehicles with small arms in the Shwebo-Kyakswuri section.

Moosewong in Welet Township, Sagaing Region. This is Markan. On September 9th, when the terrorist military council forces that raided Phut Beng villages were retreating with military vehicles, Shwebo District’s 5th Battalion, 1st Division and the BLACK WOLF – PDF team attacked with mines and the soldiers may have been injured.

According to CHUPDF, three soldiers were killed in the attack by the CHUPDF unit, which was looking for mines in the Monywa-Mandalay road.

On September 8, at around 10:00 a.m., a terrorist army armored car and a 70-strong infantry convoy, which went from the Mong Choi Toe Gate to the side of Chong U town to search for mines along the Mongywa-Mandalay road, were attacked by 2 mines from the CHUPDF division (4) when they were getting back into the car at 0.5 miles into Chong U town.

It is reported that the bodies of the soldiers who died and those who were injured due to the mine drag attack were taken to the Chaung U People’s Stadium twice in a CANTER car.

On September 8th, at around 3:00 p.m., a convoy of 21 military vehicles coming from Sagaing was hit by landmines 2 times from 3 CHUPDF divisions in the town of Chaung U.

It was reported that the 5th and 6th Yattan were hit by CHUPDF Division 1 near Khin Mon village with 3 forward mines, and 3 soldiers were killed.

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