Myawati The 44th Division, which is fighting in the three-story bay, 2 soldiers from Khlar 8 defected to KNU

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Yangon, September 10

Karen National Association Myawati Township in the administrative area of ​​the 6th KNU Brigade. The 44th Division of the Terrorist War Council, which is on the offensive near the three-story turn, It was reported that 2 soldiers from the 8th Army took refuge with the KNU yesterday, September 9th.

Beilin-based Khlara 8 under the 44th Division. Soe Aung and Zaw Tun 2 of the 1st Division left the frontline battlefield during the offensive on the Myawati-Walley road and joined the KNU.

Karen sources said that the two are currently being transferred to the People’s Shelter Committee in the liberated area.

11th Division 22, BGF battalions including the 44 subordinate battalions are being used, and a total of 17 battalions are attacking the Myawati-Walley road. Arrested by KNLA forces; Soldiers are fleeing from the dictator.

The terrorist army has been attacking for about 3 months in order to rule the road.

Yesterday, under the 44th Division of the Terrorist Army. 6 people, including Captain Lerin Maung of Khmer 102, were shot with weapons. Along with the supplies, the KNLA Joint Force Cobra column was still captured.

Photo – 44th Division made by CDM Soldiers Soe Aung and Zaw Tun from Klar 8

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