Kingston, Ont., community reacts to death of Queen Elizabeth II

Source: : 2022-09-09 19:47:15 : Ryan Peddigrew

Many people across the world are shocked following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for a staggering 70 years and into her 90s, up until her death on Thursday at the age of 96.

People spoke of mixed feelings of shock and sadness at the passing of someone who has been as much a part of their lives as their parents.

Kingston mayor Bryan Paterson spoke about the queen’s legacy.

“For the vast majority of us here in this community, she’s the only monarch that we’ve ever known. Certainly, I hold real personal admiration for the queen. Just, the way that she leads,” said Paterson.

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He said discussions on how the City of Kingston will honour the late monarch are already happening and plans should be announced soon.

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Meanwhile, Kingston and the Islands MPP Ted Hsu also shared his thoughts on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

“It’s the end of an era, the end of 70 years during which the world has changed a lot, Canada has changed a lot,” he said.

Hsu, like many others, sent his condolences to all who are mourning.

On a balmy afternoon in downtown Kingston, the queen was top of mind for some people who were out walking the streets.

Alan Barstow, who hails from Yorkshire, England, said he was “absolutely shattered” by the news.

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“I just feel like a part of my heritage, my life, has been taken away because I remember I was 13 when the queen became the queen,” he said.

Barstow added that he admired the queen greatly and that he followed her story for years.

Gavin Hutchison says the passing of the queen reminded him of his own mother’s passing.

“It was admirable beyond belief that she got out of bed and said hello to the new prime minister and goodbye to the old one and, I mean, her hand is all bruised from having an IV stuck in it.,” said Hutchison.

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He said he was saddened by the news but happy that she was no longer suffering.

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