During the war, a police officer was shot and killed at close range

Source: voiceofmyanmarnews.com : 2022-09-09 11:19:18 :

September 9- 2022 SW(VOM) Rakhine State Yesterday, September 8, around 7:00 p.m. near the public hospital in Sittwe. It is reported that a police officer who was waiting to cross a traffic light on the main road was shot at close range and died. The deceased was identified as the head of the police station of Sittwe City No. 1 Police Station Sieng, and when VOM asked the relevant person, they said that the investigation is still ongoing. It is not yet known who shot the border leader, and the authorities have yet to answer the phone. Sittwe Township Administrator U Kyaw Lwin said, “We have to ask the police about that. We are also waiting for that.” He said. It is reported that the shooting took place in front of the police chief’s wife and daughter. The same thing happened…

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