Into Township, KIA and PDF entered and cleared the Ministry of Construction’s Tampo Gate near Naba Road intersection. 4 employees will be temporarily detained for inspection and released

Source: : 2022-08-16 09:46:04 :

Yangon, August 16

Sagaing Division Into Township, Indaw Revolution IR reports that KIA and PDF have entered and cleared the Ministry of Construction’s Tampo gate at Naba Road intersection today and will temporarily detain 4 employees for inspection and then release them.

The KIA and PDF joint forces destroyed the Nabar Tanpo Gate, which belongs to the Construction Department under the Military Council, which is the source of income for the military council near the intersection of Nabar Road in Into Township, Upper Sagaing Division.
Today at 10:00 a.m. it was cleared. While doing the clearing, the army of the Military Council on the Rika hill side of Into city fired heavy weapons towards the village of Naba. 4 employees have been temporarily detained and will be released after an inquest.

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