Call Putin 'ruler' rather than 'president', say his allies

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Loyalists to Russian leader Vladimir Putin have said he should be referred to as ‘ruler’ rather than ‘president’.

Russia is said to be looking at substituting words and terms which it believes came from the West in moves it feels are necessary following the invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

The Kremlin has said the proposal to call the Russian president a ruler is a “new idea” but it has “no position on the matter”.

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) – seen as traditionally loyal to the Kremlin – said considering the renaming of the presidential term is “important”.

The press service of the LDPR in the lower house of the Russian parliament told the Tass news agency: “Although constitutional amendments are not on the current agenda, we still insist that it is important to call the country’s main post in Russia.

“We suggest two options: either a ruler or a head of state.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Tass: “It is a new idea. There is no position on this matter.”

Nord Stream pipeline closed as European gas supply fears grow

It comes as the biggest single pipeline carrying Russian gas to Europe was being closed off on Monday for “annual maintenance” with concerns it could be used to hurt economies and increase prices even further.

The flow of gas through Nord Stream 1 is expected to stop for 10 days – but there are fears across governments and markets that the shutdown will be extended beyond that time.

Europe is worried Russia will also restrict European gas supplies in a bid to disrupt plans to fill storage facilities for winter.

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Mr Peskov dismissed claims that Russia was using oil and gas to exert political pressure, saying the maintenance shutdown was a regular, scheduled event and that no one was “inventing” any repairs.

There are other big pipelines from Russia to Europe, but flows have been declining gradually.

Ukraine halted one gas transit route in May, blaming interference by occupying Russian forces.

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