Two Sagaing Civilians Die in Myanmar Junta Raids

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Pha Lan Gan village in Salingyi Township after a regime raid on  Friday. / Salingyi Information

By The Irrawaddy 5 July 2022

Myanmar regime raids in southern Salingyi Township, Sagaing Region, on Sunday and Monday have left two civilians dead.

More than 100 soldiers raided Wat Hkote village on Sunday and a villager was shot dead.

Another villager was injured by junta shelling, according to the Salingyi Special Task Force.

The troops then advanced to Than Hpo Taung village and seized a villager. A Tayar villager was shot dead on Monday while fleeing with his family. A Kan Zoon villager, who was fleeing the village, was shot in the leg.

“The troops raided the villages at night, that’s why they had many casualties during the clash with us on Saturday,” said Ko Zay, a representative of the task force.

Resistance groups in Salingyi, Mying and Yesagyo attacked junta troops near Byaiba village in Yesagyo Township on Saturday.

Five soldiers were killed and many others injured and a resistance fighter was injured during the clash.

The troops withdrew from Byaiba village on Saturday.

Troops then crossed into southern Salingyi to attack more villages, Ko Zay told The Irrawaddy.

Around 10,000 civilians from 13 villages had left their homes by Sunday.

Soldiers raided northern Salingyi around the Chinese-owned Wanbao copper mine and nearly 6,000 civilians have been displaced. Seven Salingyi civilians were killed over 10 days last month.

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