Myanmar Junta Airstrikes Kill Two, Injure Seven near Thai Border

Source: : 2022-07-04 12:50:10 : Ko Sai

By The Irrawaddy 4 July 2022

Myanmar juntas indiscriminate airstrikes have killed two civilians and injured seven others, including children, in two Karen villages near the Thai border and displacing hundreds of civilians. 

A Thay Baw Boe villager in southern Myawaddy Township, Karen State, said two bombs from a junta fighter jet hit on Friday evening. One hit the village heads house and killed two of his relatives, who were in their 20s, and severely injured three other relatives, including his father. The other did not explode.

Three other houses were also destroyed.

The area is near the juntas strategic Ukayit Hta outpost, which has been attacked by resistance forces and Karen armed groups.

In response to the attacks, the regime has launched massive airstrikes indiscriminately for a week and its planes crossed into Thai airspace last Thursday. Both sides have reportedly suffered casualties.

Since Friday, hundreds of villagers from Thay Baw Boe have crossed the Thai border, according to a villager said.

Almost everyone fled to avoid the regimes bombing,” he said, adding that the displaced are relying on handouts. 

On Saturday the regime conducted another airstrike on nearby Thaw Baw Boe village, injuring four, including three children, who were fleeing their village, according to the Karen Human Rights Group.

The NGO said more than 300 villagers are seeking refuge in Thailand.

The displaced include newborn babies, elderly people and pregnant women and the civilians need emergency support, such as food, materials for shelter and hygiene products, it added.

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