Chin Resistance Claims to Have Killed Myanmar Junta Troops

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Members of the Chin Defense Force in Mindat during military training. / CDF

By The Irrawaddy 30 June 2022

Four Myanmar junta soldiers were reportedly killed and many injured during clashes with the Chin Defense Force (CDF) in Mindat on Wednesday near the Chin State and Magwe Region border.

Around 100 junta troops moved from Tilin Township in Magwe to Mindat since Tuesday. On Wednesday, there were three clashes with the Mindat CDF near Palontwe village on the border of Tilin and Mindat townships.

A CDF member was killed by junta shelling and another lightly wounded. Two fighters went missing during the clashes and were later found brutally murdered by regime soldiers, according to the CDF.

The regime troops were reportedly torching near the village on Thursday.

More fighting is expected and ammunition and other supplies are needed, a representative of the CDF told The Irrawaddy.

“Mindat was the first place to take up arms against the regime.‌ However, we have not received much support to fight junta troops,” the representative said.

Palontwe villagers have fled their homes.

Clashes have been reported in Chin State since May 2021 with fighting regularly occurring in Mindat. The regime is increasingly sending reinforcements to the township, according to the Mindat Township People’s Administration.

“Mindat is a small town but the regime has increased its troops there. There are at least three battalions in the town,” said a member of the team.

Mindat-based Light Infantry Battalion 274 regularly shells nearby villages, killing four civilians this month.

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