Sagaing Civilians Killed in Random Myanmar Junta Shelling

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Mortar casings shot at residential areas of Chaung-U.

By The Irrawaddy 24 June 2022

Two civilians from Chaung-U in Sagaing Region were killed and four others injured by Myanmar junta artillery on Thursday.

Junta artillery hit three houses in Kyaung Yor and Aanout Maote wards in the south of the town.

The township is a resistance stronghold.

A woman in her 50s and her daughter, 25, in Kyaung Yor were killed. The woman’s husband in his 50s was injured in his leg.

“The man was discharged from hospital this morning because he had to bury his wife and daughter,” said a rescuer.

Two women aged 53 and 35 and a 32-year-old man from Aanout Maote were injured, according to the rescue team. Two of the injuries were serious. The injured civilians were treated at the military’s Northwestern Command Hospital in Monywa.

A witness told The Irrawaddy that one of the women had died in hospital but that has not been confirmed.

“Soldiers shell the town at random despite the lack of any fighting. It is inhumane,” said a Chaung-U resident.

The regime has been shelling villages around the town at night this week but this was the first attack on an urban area, said the resident.

The regime told residents not to go outside.

Chaung-U Township is a resistance stronghold where junta troops have conducted massive offensives since May.

Soldiers have been raiding and torching numerous villages.

Data for Myanmar, an independent group monitoring junta atrocities, reported on June 3 that an estimated 13,840 houses in Sagaing Region had been burned down since the coup.

Large numbers of civilian deaths have been reported and thousands have been displaced.

The junta on Monday shelled Yinmabin Township and injured two civilians. Three Khin-U Township civilians, including a one-year-old, were seriously injured by junta shells on Thursday.

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