Israel 'kills Palestinian man' as he tries to cross West Bank barrier

Source: : 2022-06-19 13:03:00 :

The Israeli military has shot and killed a Palestinian man, the Palestinian Health Ministry has said.

The Israel military said it happened as the man tried to cross the border which separates Israel from the West Bank.

It added that soldiers saw the man “sabotaging” the barrier outside the West Bank city of Qalqilya and “attempting to illegally cross into Israeli territory”.

Its forces opened fire to get him to stop and shot him, it said in a statement.

The man – identified as Nabil Ahmed Salim Ghanem from the West Bank city of Nablus – was killed near the barrier, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

He was 53, the official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

Another Palestinian man was killed last month in similar circumstances.

Thousands of Palestinians cross into Israel from the West Bank through holes in the barrier, many of them working as day labourers and earning salaries considerably higher than those available in the West Bank.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians also cross into Israel legally using permits which are difficult to obtain.

Israel has said the barrier helped stop a wave of suicide bombings and other attacks by Palestinians who slipped into the country during the 2000-2005 uprising, and is still needed.

But it crosses into the West Bank and Palestinians see it as an illegal land grab.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice described it as “contrary to international law”.

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