'Emotional swings all the time' as Western interest in Ukraine war wanes

Source: news.sky.com : 2022-06-16 13:32:00 :

The world is tuning out of the Ukrainian war just as the country says it needs more weapons and more international support.

Kyiv-based Ilyas Verdiev told Sky News that besieged Ukrainians feel a waning of interest in their plight, right when Russia is consolidating significant gains in the east of the country.

“You see that the huge politics and the worldwide system doesn’t really care about what’s going on down here,” Ilyas explains in this week’s Ukraine War Diaries podcast. “At some point I realised that, but it’s disappointing.”

It’s now approaching four months since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February. Since then, Western superpowers have provided the Ukrainian government with billions of pounds worth of weapons as well as shared intelligence in a bid to protect the country.

However, in recent days and weeks Russian forces have consolidated territorial gains in eastern Ukraine, particularly in the Donbas region, despite suffering heavy losses and strategic setbacks early in the conflict.

“It’s been emotional swings all the time,” says Ilyas, whose wife and two children fled to Poland at the start of the war. “You wake up in a positive mood. You try not to watch the news and you just go on and do your morning routine.

“Then you pick up the phone and read all the news that happened last night and for the morning and throughout the day… it just drops you from hot water to cold water, cos at the end of the day you look to the news and you still don’t get the weapons.”

To listen to Ilyas’ diary along with contributions from Oksana and Seva, detailing new Ukrainian lives abroad and dining in a restaurant in a war zone, click here to listen to Ukraine War Diaries Week13.

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