How the Institute for the Study of War tries to provide a clearer picture of the fighting.

Source: : 2022-06-15 14:47:52 : Yana Dlugy

Since the start of Russia’s invasion, the Institute for the Study of War has provided daily updates about the situation on the front. The assessments from the Washington-based research group have become required reading for people following the war.

In this conflict, the gains by either side can be small and claims of captured territory can be difficult to verify. These are instances when the expertise of the I.S.W. comes in handy. Media organizations including The New York Times regularly cite the I.S.W.’s analysis of the status of the war in Ukraine.

To better understand how these assessments come together — drawing on satellite images, orbiting heat sensors and social media — The New York Times spoke to Mason Clark, a team leader at the institute, and George Barros, one of its analysts.

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